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Portfolio Review with Anna Fox and Karen Knorr


With the exhibition "Another Way of Telling: Anna Fox and Karen Knorr", SCoP held the Portfolio Review: Anna Fox and Karen Knorr at the British Council Shanghai Centre. SCoP recruited 10 female photographers to participate in the meeting on September 17. These selected photographers exchanged their works one-on-one with Karen and Anna, and the two artists gave in-depth comments and guidance.


At 2 pm, 10 students and Anna Fox, Karen Knorr, SCoP Artistic Director Karen Smith, Three Shadows Photography Art Center Beijing Director Nataline Colonnello, Writer / Art Critic / Curator Dr. Shen Qilan enthusiastically explored the art of photography. The students actively expressed their creative ideas, and the instructors gave encouragement and feasible suggestions. The atmosphere was relaxed and pleasant.

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