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Jiang Feiran: “Romantic History: Fiction and Metaphor”


Video artist Jiang Feiran to deeply decode her art making experiences around the theme “Romantic History: Fiction and Metaphor”. She selected metaphor and fiction which are two core elements in her works as clues, taking her serial work The Variation of Romance for example, to talk about the past and the future in the construction of meaning system among art works. Based on the concept of “fiction” in general, Jiang Feiran talked about non-linear fiction in the exhibition space and the linear fiction in traditional text, and then extended to her view on marriage. From Jiang’s perspective, like Ingmar Bergman’s renowned films Scenes from a Marriage and Saraband, the complex state of marriage is so dynamic, subtle and multifaceted that it is difficult to completely grasp its essence by reality measures. Instead, fiction is an easier path leading to destination of reality. Therefore, in her own serial works on the theme of “Romantic History”, she designed various metaphors to attain the faithful narrative of marriage scenes.

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