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Erwin Olaf × Karen Smith


Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf, who is the artist of SCoP exhibition “Parallel”, to be here with all our visitors together and provided such a remarkable live conversation with our Artistic Director Karen Smith. From Olaf’s works that are mostly inspired by his own fantasy to the Shanghai series which is focusing on Chinese cultures. “Shanghai always reminds me of a confident and energetic youngster, who is believing the unlimited potential of oneself and without any doubts at all. Such kind of energy could be clearly found on the skylines of this city, also in between those rapid developing areas around. The form of this city is just as changeable as a young man’s body, being different day by day. Having more than 24 million residents, Shanghai is a city constructed with all kinds of colorful advertisements, moving images, electronic sounds and so on. Everything is keep being produced and be consumed, looking like it never stops. ”

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