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Yang Yongliang x
Shi Hantao:
Shanshui City


In 2015, Yang Yongliang’s work “Artificial Wonderland” was shortlisted in Prix Pictet’s sixth cycle with the theme of “disorder”. He uses digital technology and unique collage techniques to create works that embody both the aesthetics of traditional Chinese literati paintings and contemporary art expressions. Yang Yongliang’s works provoke a critique and reflection upon the realities of modern life. Urbanisation has allowed people’s lives to flourish yet imprisoned them in ways. China’s centuries-old cultural traditions are vast and profound, but it is also facing challenges.


Urbanisation has also been a topic of focus for curator Shi Hantao. In the past two years, he curated several projects such as “公园” (Park), “彼此/TRANSITION” (Transition), “桂巷菜场” (Gui Xiang Vegetable Market), to reconsider the relationship of art and the city from a dual perspective of local and historical dimension.


On October 17, SCoP invited Yang Yongliang and Shi Hantao to discuss their understanding of photography, urbanisation, and traditional culture from the perspective of creators and scholars.

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