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You Are The Wind

2021. 06. 13

Photographer 214 lives in Guizhou, where there are many karst landscapes. Due to Guizhou's rich water supply, there are often rivers and creeks between the valleys, making it a natural playground for children. In 2016, 214 and his friends formed the "Summer Time Squad" and started the "Summer Time" project. They filmed continuously in the following years and published three photo journals with the same title.


At the sharing session, 214 explained the story of creation behind "Summer Time". Then 214 showed our audience his video artwork "To Be An Evening Breeze". Through 214's lens, you will see the translucent moonlight shining upon the calm river water, creating a relaxed and natural atmosphere. The video ends with the quote, "You are the wind", a commentary that leaves an open interpretation for the audience. 

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