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Zheng Andong: Understanding Individual Identity and Emotion from the History of Immigration


For some photographers who have studied abroad, globalization, cultural integration, using photography to establish their own identity in an international context and exploring the topics they are concerned about in a foreign country is the original concept and a persistent theme in their creation.

Zheng Andong travelled to the United States and created a series of works called A Chinese Question, centered around the construction of a railway in the Western US during the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century. Zheng Andong explored how many Chinese people helped construct that railway, yet there was no photographic record of this. So how do we confront the absence of Chinese people in the history of photographic narratives and international society during the 19th century?

On October 23rd, SCoP Photo Club invited photographer Zheng Andong to explore the issue of self-identity mentioned in his series of works and his experiences when creating with a cross-cultural background.

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