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Wet Plate Collodion Photography Workshop

2021. 08. 22

On August 19, 182 years ago, daguerreotype was promoted to the world. At the time, it took several minutes or even hours to take a photo, which is very different from how pictures are taken now. Nowadays, the delayed satisfaction and process of waiting for photographs to develop is a rare experience.


"A lot of people don't know about wet plate photography or silver plate photography because of the rapid development of technology. Even Polaroids and film that we were once most familiar with has been eliminated over time. Most peoples understanding of photography is limited to: I have a digital camera or a mobile phone that takes pictures. Then what is the fun in photography? Taking a photo is not the moment you press the shutter button. It's the process of deciding what you want to shoot, framing the view and then presenting the photo with both your hands. Photography is not simply numbers you see on your computer after taking a photo with a mobile phone or digital camera."


"When you print a photo or present it to your eyes, you can see that it is real. That is when you know what photography is. It's the feeling that it gives to you."

——Mr Tang Chunjie

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