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Anqi Li:
A meticulously constructed dreamland


In “On Photography”, Susan Sontag mentions how cinematography is when the camera begins to replicate the world. It is also the period when the human landscape evolves into a dizzying place. The artists use the means of lighting and post-production to escape the spatial and temporal limitations of their photography subjects, thus creating new spaces.


French film critic André Bazin believes that formalist techniques can destroy the complexities of reality. Yet, scenography is not necessarily detached from life or reality, but it becomes an idea of what reality should be in people’s minds. In contemporary photography, people no longer seek to reproduce reality accurately but aim for a subjective creation of their imagination of the landscape. However, the surreal appearance often highlights the cruelty of reality; thus, the photographer abandons reality and leads us to the path of truth.


On January 15, SCoP Photo Club invited photographer Anqi Li to share her approach to building a narrative, including her take on stage photography and ways of developing it.

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