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2022.10.15 - 2022.12.31


This exhibition focuses on the latest series of extraordinary works by photographer Nick Brandt, a series he titles "The Day May Break”. Work began on this series in 2020. To date, it is perhaps the clearest expression of his concern for environmental problems in a career that has seen him devote his work with photography to this mission. The scenes he presents might be physically far away from the urban environment here in Shanghai, but the state of uncertainty that pervades the pictures affects us all. In the face of environmental damage caused by climate change, these photographs ask us to set aside our dreams of utopia, and think about the real effect that each of us has upon the planet and its environment.

Director’s word

“Nick Brandt has deployed his considerable photographic skills and talent on the portraits of people in Africa and the endangered animals, He does it without any photographic flourishes but often uses a plain light bulb that draws us to the states of the people who are portrayed and the animals, This is a kind of an exhibition one goes to learn about oneself.”

Liu Heung Shing

Founder of Shanghai Center of Photography

About the Artist

Nick Brandt has dedicated his work with photography to highlighting the destructive impact that humankind is having on the natural world and on our own living environment too. Born and raised in London, where he originally studied painting and film. In 1995, he traveled to Tanzania with Michael Jackson to direct Jackson’s award-winning MTV for The Earth Song. Moved by what he saw in Africa, Brandt decided to be the change he wanted to see in the world. In 2010, Brandt co-founded Big Life Foundation, a non-profit in Kenya/ Tanzania that employs more than 300 local rangers to protect 1.6 million acres of the Amboseli/Kilimanjaro ecosystem. He now lives in the southern Californian mountains.


Brandt has had solo gallery and museum shows around the world, including New York, London, Berlin, Stockholm, Paris and Los Angeles. All the series are published in book form.

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