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Anqi Li: A meticulously constructed dreamland


Finding the border between reality and fiction has been a long-discussed topic in photography. Xi’an based photographer Anqi Li continues to explore the possibilities of using images as a language to convey different messages. Her creative inspiration comes from various art fields: art films, literature, and paintings. On the afternoon of January 15 (Saturday), SCoP Photo Club invited photographer Anqi Li to share her approach to building a narrative, including her take on stage photography and ways of developing it.

Zheng Andong:
Understanding Individual Identity and Emotion from the History of Immigration


In the era of globalization, exploring personal identity and adjusting to the fast-changing social landscape is the original focus of many photographers and artists. On October 23rd (Saturday) at 16:30, SCoP Photo Club invited photographer Zheng Andong, to share his experiences and creations as someone with a cross-cultural background and how travelling influenced his photography.


Yang Yongliang x Shi Hantao: Shanshui City


In the history of the Prix Pictet photography prize, three Chinese photographers have been shortlisted, and photographer Yang Yongliang is one of them. On the afternoon of October 17th, we invited photographer Yang Yongliang and curator Shi Hantao to discuss “photography, city and landscape”.

Zheng Zhiyuan:
A visual exploration
of the cityscape


The cityscape is a common theme in photography. On September 19, SCoP invited photographer Zheng Zhiyuan who mainly shoots around the cityscape theme, to share his understanding of the urban landscape, creative process and development.


SCoP x Prix Pictet:
A Lens On Sustainability


SCoP’s new exhibition “Hope” featuring shortlisted works for the eighth cycle of the Prix Pictet, began on September 11th. During the opening ceremony, we invited SCoP’s founder Liu Heung Shing, art critic, curator and scholar Chen Qi Lan, and the publisher of Financial Times (Chinese Edition Website), Zhan Yan, to discuss how photography can further develop people’s knowledge and attention towards sustainability.

Wet Plate Collodion
Photography Workshop


To commemorate World Photography Day, Mr Tang Chunjie conducted a special workshop at SCoP on August 22. He spoke about the old photography technique, wet plate collodion photography and its production process. After the sharing session, audiences got to experience the making of wet plate photography themselves, which sparked great admiration towards this photography technique.

WeChat Image_20210826153603.jpg
WeChat Image_20210826153719.jpg

Dai Fei
Documentary & Straight photography in Reality


On the afternoon of August 21st, SCoP Photo Club invited Dai Fei, master’s degree instructor and assistant professor in Film-Television and Communication College of Shanghai Normal University. By revisiting the “Plato’s Cave” concept mentioned in the book On Photography, he discussed the history of photography and his views on the relationship between photography, reality, documentary, and truthfulness.

Valery Katsuba
On Stories and Photography


Artist Valery Katsuba held his first sharing session at SCoP. We also invited independent curator Wang Kaimei and SCoP’s art director Karen Smith to have a virtual discussion with Katsuba. Together they had an in-depth discussion on Katsuba’s creative process and Russian aesthetics.

WeChat Image_20210617151336.jpg

You Are The Wind


On the afternoon of June 13, photographer 214 held a sharing session at the Shanghai Center of Photography. Over a hundred audience members listened to 214 tell the story behind the creation of "Summer Time". And his work "To Be An Evening Breeze" sets an atmosphere that allows the audience to imagine what it is like to enjoy a peaceful and quiet summer evening. 

Cai Dongdong's
"History of Life" Book Launch


Cai Dongdong’s “History of Life” book launch and sharing session was recently held in the Shanghai Center of Photography. Artist Cai Dongdong, Ni Liang from Imageless Publication, book designer Guo Xiao, SCoP’s artistic director, Karen Smith and SCoP’s researcher Wu Dong shared their experiences creating “History of Life”.


Yang Yanyuan x Pooky. Lee

Half life, half fashion


Based on photographer Yang Yanyuan and fashion curator Pooky Lee different perspectives and professional backgrounds, they share their views on fashion, business, and candid photos and their current expectations towards photography. 

Chen Chuanduan:

From observing to

investigating the ordinary


Why is photography important? Why is it a project? Starting from his first photography project, “Restrained Orders”, photographer Chen Chuanduan shares his experience as a photographer. He started off shooting ordinary but beautiful pictures, and then he transitioned to approaching photography as projects. He shares with us how he develops these photography projects and the stories behind them.

WeChat Image_20210318113411.jpg

Shi Guowei x btr

The interspace between photography and painting


Shi Guowei talked about the use of colors, how emotions are subjective, hardworking process, photographic processing, background in teaching and how it influenced him. Together art critic btr and Shi Guowei revealed the secrets behind each work.

Xu Xin: Cultural Richness of Long Tang and the Bizarre Metropolis


Looking at the city from different angles, Xu Xin tries to leave something behind for this fast passing (or fast-developing) city. In this feature, the captivating contrast of the old and new within the city is presented. Like the different living conditions of people staying on the roof of old houses and Xu Xin's current project in the Yangpu District《大桥》. The Metropolis is Xu Xin's ongoing theme regarding Shanghai. Xu Xin: So far, this project has lasted for five years, and many of the scenes documented have died out. So I will continue to wander and explore this city.

3 (2).jpg

Zhou Yulong: Use images

to express concepts and

Use photography to

construct "history"


Whilst being a distinguished commercial photographer, Yulong Zhou continues to advance his creative and artistic practice. 
The achievements and skills he gained in commercial photography have given him a strong advantage when making his creations. He uses photography as a tool to express his ideas without any constraints or outside influences. 
His works are powerful photos that tell a story and presented like a visual novel with a rich narrative. In this issue of Photo Club, Yulong Zhou will show us many manuscripts and illustrations that document his creative process and tell us the story behind each work.

Ma Hailun: Hometown Connections Photography


In 2018, Ma Hailun left New York City, where she lived for eight years, to return to her hometown Xinjiang. Her experience in fashion photography inspired her to reconnect with the land through her lens. She captured Xinjiang's multicultural population's unique experiences, which can be easily overlooked and presents them in a respect and romantic way.


Marc Yang: Cultural Integration Through Observation


Marc Yang is in his twenties and has already travelled to more than 40 countries in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. His global perspective photography raises awareness on ethnic issues in the Middle East, environmental issues in the Indian Rivers, and survival issues in the Mekong River in Southeast Asia. 


He also shares his creative process with the SCoP audience. His tips on adapting to new cultures and how to highlight the local culture in global perspective photography.

The first Chinese winner of the LOBA award, Jing Huang


The first Chinese photographer to win the LOBA award, LOBA 2011 Newcomer Award winner Jing Huang (黄京) lead an excellent lecture at SCoP. This sharing session revolved around Jing Huang's award-winning experiences and exciting stories. Then, he led an outdoor street sweeping activity with the attendees.


“Different narratives of photos in Exhibitions and Books”


The founder of the JZZP magazine Yan You and SCoP's art director Karen Smith discussed the "Different narratives of photos in Exhibitions and Books" by looking into Alec Soth photography book. Exploring how photography is perceived differently in exhibitions and publications.

​Alec Soth x FCC Online Conversation


The online event was organized by FCC Shanghai (Foreign Correspondents Club) and was successfully carried out at SCoP. More than 20 well-known media outlets from around the globe attended this event alongside more than 40 guests. The Chairman of FCC Shanghai Martin Richie hosted the online conversation with the artist Alec Soth. And Karen Smith, the art director and curator of SCoP lead an exhilarating tour of our exhibition.


SCoP “Peer to Peer” Symposium


SCoP hosted a special and inspiring event: 8 participating artists of exhibition “Peer to Peer” engaged with curators Serein Liu and Lindsay Taylor, our Artistic Director Karen Smith and the audience in one day-long ...

Analog Photography Workshop


In collaboration with 123 Darkroom, SCoP successfully organized a series of analog photography workshops on October 26 and November 2. Starting with a guided-tour of SCoP’s exhibition “Close: ...

Wang Yimei and her experimental project

“孖 Shuang Xi”


The emerging artist Wang Yimei was invited to SCoP to talk about her experimental project “孖 Shuang Xi” which discusses about personal identity. Yimei shared about her works focusing on the real fictional relationship. ...

“The Making of a Photograph”


SCoP were pleased to collaborate with Hahnemühle and Shanghai XiMei Digital Fine Art Print Studio to co-organize the two-day event “The Making of a Photograph”. Visual artist Zhao Qian to share his experience of making a ...

Pixy Liao X Shen Wei:

“The Role of Intimacy”


Around the theme “The Role of Intimacy”, Liao’s works explore female identity and non-traditional relationships between men and women, challenging traditional gender concepts. Shen’s works use portraits to focus on the ...

SCoP Master Talk | Martin Schoeller X Liu Heung Shing


We were honored to present German photographer Martin Schoeller’s solo exhibition “Close” and invite him to join a conversation with Liu Heung Shing, Pulitzer prize-winning photographer and founding ...

SCoP Master Talk | Alec Soth


SCoP along with Jiazazhi Photobook Institute invited the world-famous American photographer Alec Soth to share his working experience in photography. From a painting-major graduate who started photography on a trip to the Mississippi River, to a professional photography artist now, Soth has been ...

Maleonn × Huang Fangling: “Photography in Theatre”


Around the theme “Photography in Theatre”, with Maleonn whose works are being presented in the current exhibition and Huang Fangling, founder of theatre Fangling. The guest artists started from their own works along with the stories behind creating them, bringing audience dramas during inside artworks. ...

Zheng Yuan: The Power Relation in The Night of Proletarion


Video artist Zheng Yuan to deliver a talk on his works, including The Night of Proletarion for instances to describe his observations and reflections on the power relation during viewing and shooting and on the reality and fiction in art works. Beginning from his own experience in working with the video protagonist Kevin Cao...

Jiang Feiran: “Romantic History: Fiction and Metaphor”


Video artist Jiang Feiran to deeply decode her art making experiences around the theme “Romantic History: Fiction and Metaphor”. She selected metaphor and fiction which are two core elements in her works as clues, taking her serial work “The Variation of Romance” for example, to talk about the past and the future ...

Olivia Martin-McGuire: China Love


Australian documentary photographer and filmmaker Olivia Martin-McGuire, whose serial work China Love is presented in SCoP exhibition “Summer of Love”, to bring us an in-depth discussion on her work and to share her thoughts on traditional ideas and social changes shown in “Chinese wedding 

Coca Dai × Lin Ye × Yao Yao: Private and Intimate Subjects in Photography


Independent photographers Coca Dai and Yao Yao joined art critic Lin Ye in a conversation about the exposure of private and intimate subjects in photography.

ABLE Artist Collective


Three young artists from the artist collective ABLE, 168.168.168, Zi Qian and Qiu Qiu Zi, shared with us the evolution and diversity of photo collage. In the talk in the morning, 168.168.168 introduced the history, genres and representative artists of photo collage. The workshop in the afternoon gave participants...

Yuan Xiaopeng and his SAME PAPER


Photographer and co-founder of photo publishing studio SAME PAPER, Yuan Xiaopeng provided a unique perspective on photography through his experience of making the magazine Closing Ceremony.

Meeting Kenro Izu


New York-based photographer Kenro Izu shared with SCoP’s audience his life’s work over four decades. From sacred monuments in Territories of the Souland the imagery of life and death in Eternal Light, to the capture of spirituality of still life in Seduction, photography has led him to believe that impermanence is what ...

Celine Liu: I am Everywhere


SCoP invited emerging young photographer Celine Liu to share her experience of using self-portraiture and post production in I Am Everywhere to comment on history and how we are all tied to it in the contemporary world. Her nontraditional methodology is also present in her video work Siren, where she invited ...

Qian Ruya: “Sealed Mirror Reflection”


SCoP welcomed independent photographer Qian Ruya to give the talk “Sealed Mirror Reflection”, where Ruya took us on a journey of her psychological evolution, from her self-inquiry in Outsider (2011) and Us (2012-2016), to her entry into the outside world in the on-going projects Self-Portrait with My Dollsand Fragile.

Erwin Olaf × Karen Smith


Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf, who is the artist of SCoP exhibition “Parallel”, to be here with all our visitors together and provided such a remarkable live conversation with our Artistic Director Karen Smith. From Olaf’s works that are mostly inspired by his own fantasy to the “Shanghai” series which is focusing on ...

Zhong Baomei Workshop


In this two-day workshop, SCoP invited independent photographer Zhong Baomei to lead a team of four photography enthusiasts together explore the city with the camera, and discover the creative inner self. 

Shi Yangkun: From “Solastalgis” to “Retrotopia”


SCoP invited Shi Yangkun, one of the photographers in the current exhibition “Social Geography: Ten Journeys with a Camera”, to hold a wonderful lecture from “Solastalgis” to “Retrotopia”. He explained the relation between utopian landscapes and social reality,  through those images of nostalgic ...

Chen Ronghui: “It’s enables me capture something unusual”


SCoP is privileged to have a special guest ——Chen Ronghui, who is one of the ten photographers of the exhibition “Social Geography: Ten Journeys with a Camera”, to share his insights. As a young Chinese photographer and story teller, Chen has been focusing on projects about urbanisation ...

Muge, Zhuang Hui and Zhang Xiao


In the exhibition “Social Geography: Ten Journeys with a Camera”, Zhuang Hui, Zhang Xiao and Muge to share their ideas and stories in their works in this exhibition. Zhuang Hui brought us his series of “Ten Years”, demonstrating his nostalgia for the past time ...

Wang Yingying: Explore oneself and the surrounding world


Photographer Wang Yingying has keen eyes to explore herself and the surrounding world, who launched her independent photographic projects in the 38. Her series of Forty: 1976 and Where My Heart Settles Down have been reported by the domestic media for many times In today’s lecture ... 

Portfolio Review with Anna Fox and Karen Knorr


With the exhibition "Another Way of Telling: Anna Fox and Karen Knorr", SCoP held the Portfolio Review: Anna Fox and Karen Knorr at the British Council Shanghai Centre. SCoP recruited 10 female photographers to participate in the meeting on September 17...

SCoP Master Class | Andrew S.T Wong


SCoP Master Class event recruiting seven students from the public, providing a platform for learning and communication for those who love photography and have been involved in photography with great ideas. Instructor Andrew S.T Wong

SCoP Master Class |

Bruno Barbey and Ian Berry


British-born Ian Berry and Frenchman Bruno Barbey, each joined Magnum in the 1960s, are two of the most long-standing and respected photographers within the collective today. Bruno Barbey served as President of Magnum International from 1992-95 ...

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