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Good Vibrations

2021.11.05 - 2022.02.28

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Exhibition Duration

November 5, 2021 to

February 28, 2022


Tuesday-Sunday, 10:30-17:30

(last entry 17:00)


Full Price: ¥60 / Student Price: ¥40


“Good Vibrations” is a photographic project jointly initiated by the Shanghai Center of Photography, its founder the photographer Liu Heung Shing, and China’s leading actress Zhou Xun. As the first photographic project in China that provides celebrities with an opportunity to explore their passion for photography, “Good Vibrations” will be officially unveiled to audiences in November 2021. The exhibition features the work of (in alphabetical order) Bi Gan, Chen Kun, Leah Dou, Huang Jue | Mai Zi, Jiang Wen | Zhou Yun, Liu Haoran, Nana Ou-yang, Shu Qi, and Zhou Xun. Each of them turned their camera lens to the important people in their life, conveying their love, friendship and respect towards their chosen subject, as well as their unique approach to photographic language.

The exhibition title “Good Vibrations” expresses the energy that drives this project, reflecting the core theme of turning a spotlight upon those individuals whose care and guidance, friendship, and mentoring give us a reason to do all that we strive for. Celebrities usually leave a glamorous impression on the public, who sees them perform in front of the camera mostly according to a set script. When the camera is turned around, how do they photograph the most important people in their lives, and express their deep feelings? Zhou Xun, the project leader, went back to her hometown Quzhou and took pictures of a warm reunion with her best friends whom she has known from childhood. In front of a wall covered with script paper, Jiang Wen chose to use the camera to express his love for his Muse, and wife, Zhou Yun. “During the shooting of the project, Jiang Wen and Zhou Yun were working on a new script. I appreciate their participation in ‘Good Vibrations’ in the studio despite their busy schedule”, said Liu Heung Shing, director of the Shanghai Center of Photography. In addition to their well-known roles as actors, Chen Kun and Shu Qi are also the co-founders of The Dome Studio. They carefully used cameras to record each other's looks in The Dome Studio.

“Good Vibrations” celebrates human relationships, the nurturing effects of good energy, and those who give unconditionally. No matter who you are, those good vibrations provided by family, friends, colleagues, and loved ones are the fuel that sustains us. For Huang Jue, taking photos serves as a way of expressing love to his wife Mai Zi. While developing films, Leah Dou's memory is always evoked by the people and things forgotten during the journey. Faced with his favorite actress Zhou Xun, Liu Haoran chose to take pictures of her pure look. Nana Ou-yang likes to zoom in on the details of life and takes photography as a link between mother and daughter. Bi Gan creatively shot his mother's shadow to interpret the meaning of "switching places" affectionately.

The intention of the project “Good Vibrations” is to keep a record of the most important people in one’s life through photography directly and implicitly, putting real emotions into vivid pictures to express what people want to say. “Good Vibrations” invites the viewers to closely feel the profound connotations behind these photos, observe their own unique and rich emotional world, and give more care and companionship to the people around them.

Accompanying the exhibition is a short video clip also titled “Good Vibrations”. This film is created under the guidance of the well-known director Arthur Jones, and his team, who documented every detail of the process of making these photographs in the exhibition. The audience will have the opportunity to view the behind-the-scenes stories of nine celebrities through the special perspective, exploring the heartfelt moments in front of and behind the camera.



We would like to thank Perfect Diary and Leica Camera for their generous support.

Especial thanks, as ever, go to our long-term partners VANKE Shanghai for their support.

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