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Yang Yanyuan x

Pooky. Lee

Half life, half fashion

2021. 05. 15

Faced with the audience’s questions about overcoming the onlookers gaze when shooting photos and how to take photos with a certain aesthetic. Yang Yanyuan advises the audience to not shoot with an overly curious mentality, saying that “I only shoot things that I truly love from the bottom of my heart.” When it comes to personal style, Yang Yanyuan believes that a person’s first camera will largely determine a person’s photography style.

Yang Yanyuan believes that being less "professional" is a good thing. "If a photograph looks unprofessional, in a particular time and on a certain level, that is a good thing because I think it is important to forget some things, or else it will look too crafted."


Photography is a process of self-discovery and shaping one's identity. "It's like learning to draw. In the beginning, you create replicas of existing works. Then your work will evolve as you accumulate and refine your skills. After your imagination runs wild and starts to settle down, you will take a step back and realise that your work is not 'like this artist' anymore."

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